The production of glass bells is done by our teachers glassworkers, whom try to satisfy all the demands of our clients thanks to the many years of experience in this sector.

These glass bell can be realized in round form or also in oval form. We have available over 200 standard measures.

Among the last new entries there are bells with knob. we can guarantee a good relationship with quality price  considering our consolidated experience in the sector. They can be used for exposures of any object and can even be used to protect the objects.

Besides we can personalize the bells on the request of our clients according to his preferences.

We can realize any article in glass, besides the bells in glass. We offer various discounts to retailers, firms and wholesalers depending by the quantity of the goods that has been purchased.

In addition to glass bells in our website you can view other glass products made by our master glassmakers. On request, we can produce other glass products.

We can assure a safe worldwide transportation thanks to the specialized deliverers in the transportation of fragile material. In support to this, they use special anti breakup packaging. If you seek for any other information you can contact us to the following E-mail address: ARTEGRECOSUD@LIBERO.IT

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Diameter x Height

6cm x 10cm 

6cm x 12cm

8cm x 10cm

8cm x 13cm

9cm x 16cm

11cmx 16cm

11cm x 20cm

11cmx 25cm

14cm x 20cm

14cm x 22cm

14cm x 26cm

14cm x 28cm

15cm x 15cm

15cm x 33cm

15cm x 40cm

20cm x 20cm

20cm x 25cm

20cm x 30cm

20cm x 35cm

20cm x 40cm

20cm x 45cm

20cm x 50cm

20cm x 60cm

22cm x 40cm 

22cm x 50cm

22cm x 60cm

25cm x 30cm

25cm x 40cm

25cm x 50cm

25cm x 60cm

25cm x 70cm

25cm x 80cm

27cm x 40cm

27cm x 50cm

27cm x 60cm

27cm x 70cm

28cm x 60cm

30cm x 30cm

30cm x 35cm

30cm x 40cm

30cm x 50cm

30cm x 60cm

30cm x 70cm

30cm x 80cm

30cm x 90cm

32cm x 40cm

32cm x 50cm

32cm x 60cm

32cm x 70cm

32cm x 80cm 

35cm x 40cm

35cm x 50cm

35cm x 60cm

35cm x 70cm

35cm x 80cm

35cm x 90cm

40cm x 30cm

40cm x 35cm 

40cm x 40cm

40cm x 50cm 

40cm x 60cm

40cm x 70cm

40cm x 80cm





Length x Height x Width

14cm x 14cm x 9cm

20cm x 15cm x 11cm

20cm x 20cm x 11cm

20cm x 25cm x 12cm

20cm x 30cm x 12cm

27cm x 32cm x 14cm

32cm x 28cm x 16cm

32cm x 33cm x 16cm

37cm x 40cm x 17cm

37cm x 40cm x 19cm

37cm x 45cm x 17cm

37cm x 45cm x 19cm





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